Our IT services focused on data referential and knowledge base

Our Core Business

Data business referentials are in the core of companies’ processes (buying, selling, customers relation, marketing, production...). Their progressive introduction into the IT system meets the customers’ vital concern to control critical data that carry out background but critical activities.
In this domain of expertise Khiplus specialised in the survey, the support and the implementation of both standard referential (customers, products, suppliers) and background referential but vitally strategic for the customers (cost control for logistics, production, etc.)
Furthermore with the implementation of self-enrichment processes, Khiplus has the know-how to turn a technical data referential into a genuine knowledge base whose the content expands over time through the confrontation between referential data and data coming from the production.

Khiplus contributes to the success of these projects

  • Either by providing methodology, tools and expertise to detect, to highlight and to implement business data referentials
  • Or by producing turnkey tailored data referential.